Poly-Sorbate 85
Poly-Sorbate 85

Poly-Sorbate 85

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Poly-sorbate 85 is an oil in water emulsifier, dispersant, and co-solubiliser. It is suitable for use in Blooming Bath Oils and room sprays and "easy wash" Massage Oils. 

Usage rate is between 1 - 50% depending on the application. Lower usage rates indicate whenPoly-sorbate 85 is used as a co-solubiliser, and the higher rates when it is being used as a dispersant and emulsifier.

Poly-sorbate 85 has good solubilising properties and is recommended in systems using oils and fatty alcohols.

& yes this is what you would use in your bath bombs :) 

HLB 15
Usage Rate: 0 - 5% as a dispersant, and 1 - 50% for emulsifying


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