DK22113 Glassine Label for Brother Label Printer

DK22113 Glassine Label for Brother Label Printer

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As stated these labels are Glassine or slightly frosted for use in Brother Label Printers Specifically the QL-700 but any printer that will accept the DK22113 rolls they may also be used in.


The rolls are 62mm wide and 15.24 metres in length.


Weight of each roll is roughly 205gms

This is a group purchase , once order number has reached 100 x rolls it will go ahead. - if you would like to be apart of this group purchase please contact me on facebook with the amount you would like.

Price is just for the rolls , shipping will be added at the end as per normal postage rules

This price how ever does take into account, afterpay/ paypal/zip pay fees & currency conversion fee.