Bath Bomb Paint Pen with brush tip - Black

Bath Bomb Paint Pen with brush tip - Black

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A Outback Bath and Body Co Original product and a first of its kind for bath bombs!!

Bringing simplicity to the creation of bath bomb painting, basically if you can use any other type of marker for colouring in.. you can use my latest creation the Bath Bomb Paint Pen.


Not only is it compact and convenient it takes away some the frustrating parts of the bath bomb painting process.


* No more constant re dipping of a brush.

* No more evaporation from your paint container whilst painting, which means less needing to refill your paint pot thus saving the amount of alcohol you need to purchase to combine with your mica to create the paint.

* The colour is already made for you.. just pick your colour and shake to get painting.

* Less Smell as the fluid is contained inside the paint pen and not out in the open like a paint pot

* Easy to use design

* A super convenient pointed brush tip, that is great for adding in details and out lines and of course the ever tricky pupil of eyes on bath bombs

* Contained design so no accidental spills or containers being knocked over.

Designed , tested and made by a bath bomb maker for other bath bomb makers .  So I know exactly what you will need and how it will be used.

Cosmetic grade ingredients. Will not stain. 

Keep out of reach of children due to small parts.


Ingredients: Alcohol (100%) Colourants CI-28840, mica, Titanium Dioxide,iron oxide, Poly Sorbate 85.