About Us!

Outback Bath & Body Co.

- Established in 2014 As Artisan Savon

-Re branded in 2019 to Outback Bath & Body Co.

- Owned and operated by Tina ( Hi..) Who is a Mum & Partner first and maker of Bath & Body products second.

- I believe in cruelty free and do my best to ensure all my ingredients come from reputable Australian Suppliers.

-Handmade in small batches.

- No Pre-made bases used, all our products are proudly made from scratch.

- We don't buy other makers products and sell them as our own
everything you buy, I personally make.

Now we have gotten to know each other a bit, why not check out my products, looking forward to packing your order soon.

A Little bit more about us!

All products are made in my little shop,
which you can find at:
1/17 New Clayton st in Kambalda Western Australia.

Want to see my stuff being made?
check out our YouTube channel.

I have a range of Cold processed Soaps and Bath & Body products

Such as:
Sugar Scrubs
Bath Bombs
Lip Balms
Shower Moussé
Face Masks
Bath Soaks - including muscle soaks
Facial oils
Beard Products
Magnesium Products
& More!

My soaps include:
100% Coconut Oil Soaps
Although our main variety of soaps contain a mix of Olive, Coconut & Rice Bran Oil.

I am happy to take odd requests for custom made soaps such as breast milk soap. (with your own milk of course).

In regards to packaging such as bubble wrap , paper , boxes & glassware.. whatever can be recycled and re-purposed, I will use, as I try to be environmentally aware , items such as glass ware are fully washed and sterilised before being re purposed :)

Our packaging may be simple and take a back seat,
But that's because the product itself in my eyes, is and should be the star of the show.
Lets be real... The packaging is destined for the less than special ending of the bin, The product is what will bring you the joy and wonder.
By keeping the costs of packaging lower, I can redirect that money into the great quality ingredients used within my products and bring them to you at a more affordable price.

As for ingredients if I can get it locally I will, Such as the Beeswax I use, it comes straight from a private beehive located in Kalgoorlie. I aim to do my best to support other local business's where possible.

If you would like to place a wholesale order don't hesitate to contact me to discuss details .. please note M.O.Q for wholesale is 50 pieces. NICNAS Registered and ABN Acquired - Available on request

Where else can you find my products?

Fossicks Handmade : Egan St Kalgoorlie