Who originally created Bath Bomb Paint Pens?

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Outback Bath and Body Co
, The original creator of the Bath Bomb Paint Pens 
Were an idea based on frustrations of my alcohol constantly drying up whilst trying to paint multiple amounts of bath bombs.
Anybody who has ventured into the world of bath bomb painting can definitely understand that although the pay off of the final product is with the effort , it definitely throws out some challenges along the way.

Some common issues you come across are:

Constant re dipping of a brush, obviously as you are using a high % of alcohol to avoid activating the bath bomb you are working on, this also means you are re dipping that brush every 2-3 strokes which does become a bit mundane if I'm honest.

* Not only is the paint drying quickly on your brush but whilst you are painting you are also suffering evaporation from your paint container, which means  needing to top up the alcohol in your paint pot, thus becoming an expensive process in the long run.

* Getting your colour ratios right each time you paint.. a lot of people eyeball their amounts when creating their bath bomb paint mixes.. which is fine lets be honest we all do it every now and then but if you are after consistent results each time, these pens are perfect as all ingredients are weighed out and then combined.
the hard work of making the colour has been done for you.. just pick your colour and shake to get painting.

* Ok, maybe a finicky point and maybe this one is just me, but you know when you are painting and you have all those open topped containers of alcohol just sitting there in front of you whilst you paint?
The smell can get a little over bearing even with a proper mask the fact that these pens contain the liquid equals less smell over all and makes me so much happier at the end of a big painting session.

Best of all if you are clumsy like me you can kiss goodbye those accidental paint pot spills where you lose a whole heap of the paint in one quick and sad swoop.


Outback Bath & Body Co's Bath Bomb Paint Pens are made from all Cosmetic grade ingredients. and all ingredients are sourced right here in Australia.

We have three options of Pen tips currently available:

Our round felt tip pen, which is great for filling in larger areas and edges, you must have a rock solid bath bomb recipe for these as they have a firm tip and if your bath bomb is soft or powdery.. they will tend to drag the dust on your bath bomb around instead.
Our flat brush tip pen which is great for feathering edges , doing finer details, filling in larger spaces , a kinder option if you are still making adjustments to your bath bomb recipe and have not achieved that rock solid bath bomb yet.

Our Black Detail Brush this one is perfect for filling in details and line and the perfect pupil pen for all those bath bombs with eyes.

The Bath Bomb Paint Pens have been a hit so far and have been sent all across the world including U.K, U.S.A, New Zealand, & Canada which has been super exciting for me personally, My next step is getting the refill bottles up on the website sometime this week, but thanks to COVID there has been slight delays with our alcohol delivery, which means this phase has been delayed slightly, never the less they will be up as soon as I get the chance to.

I will add, because these were not a marketed thing in the bath bomb industry until I created them, I was lucky enough to be able to take my time, test these out and make sure my formula was correct and try out many different pen options before their release.
Unfortunately since the release of our original product there have been a few people out there rushing and slapping together a product basically overnight to try and get on the paint pen train.

I wish them well, but you can always rely on the Original product to have the best quality.

to those who have purchased I do hope you are enjoying your product as much as I have been providing you with them.. to those thinking about purchasing or just interested in more information I have attached two videos below to show you a little bit more about our product.

If you want to see how both versions work i have attached the YouTube links right here:

Round tip pens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de5mFOL3GX8

Brush Tip Pens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dskZuGTD0BE